CelebleNon-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine

Non-Alcoholic but tasty

It's made of grape juice fermented in a unique way that doesn't generate any alcohol.
This is because it's an innovative Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine that is alcohol free but keeps rich flavor.※0.00% in alcohol content

New Non-Alcoholic Wine that you have never experienced

Tastes just like real wine

Most of No-alcoholic wines are either dealcoholized or made of Non-fermented grapes. However, dealcoholised ones still contain some alcohol and Non-fermented ones are just like soft drinks.

Thoughts on product name

The product name "Celeble" is derived from Celebration.
We hope "Celeble" will be consumed at various anniversaries such as wedding or Christmas parties or even as a reward for yourself.
The label motifs a flower to express the freshness of carbonation, the pleasures surrounding the table, and the glamorousness. Although "Celeble" is non-alcoholic, it's an ideal drink to produce a gorgeous drink scene.

Suitable situations for drinking Celeble

As it's "Non-Alcoholic" Sparkling Wine, we recommend Celeble to:

  • Those who are about to drive
  • Those who loves drinking wines but don't accept much alcohol
  • Those who are pregnant

Storage method

  • Keep away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.
  • The fruit juice components may settle or the liquid may become darker, but the product quality is unaffected.
  • The liquid may expand and cause the container to explode, so please do not freeze or warm while still in the bottle.
  • Chill well, and consume soon after opening.

Product summary

Product name Celeble Non-alcoholic Sparkling (White)
Celeble Non-alcoholic Sparkling Rosé
ProductCarbonated Drink
  • Celeble Non-alcoholic Sparkling (White)
    • Fermented grape juice
    • Black tea extract
    • Flavoring
  • Celeble Non-alcoholic Sparkling Rosé
    • Fermented grape juice
    • Cassis extract
    • Flavoring
ContainerGlass Bottle
Best when used within1 year (listed on label)

Product specifications

Single product sizeDiameter : 66mm / Height 255mm
Single product weight760g
Packaging12 bottles Carbonated
Case sizeLength : 295 mm / Width : 225 mm / Height : 265mm
Case weight10kg
Jan Code
  • Celeble Non-alcoholic Sparkling (White)
    • 4904871003312
  • Celeble Non-alcoholic Sparkling Rosé
    • 4904871003329
ITF Code
  • Celeble Non-alcoholic Sparkling (White)
    • 14904871003319
  • Celeble Non-alcoholic Sparkling Rosé
    • 14904871003326