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We, Tombow Beverage Co. Ltd. are the beverage maker in Toyama Prefecture, Japan blessed with natural beauty and abundant clear water from Tateyama mountain range.
Since the year 1896 we have provided the beloved beverages in Japan, such as “Ramune,” a lemon soda in glass bottle plugged with marble stopper, “Chanmery,” a party drink for children, and the drinks in pouch, and so on.

Drink for Entertainment

is what our products stand for.

We have been delivering “Uruoi,” the Japanese word expressing moisture, wetness, richness or gain, etc. to our customers throughout our history as the beverage maker, and are pleased to continue to serve “Uruoi” not only for the bodies, but also for the souls by something like delicious, pleasant, surprising or with happy memories.

Akio Misuta, President and CEO

Corporate Characteristics

  1. have two faces, one as own brand beverage maker, the other as contracted manufacturer
  2. develop and manufacture high value-added products such as healthy drink and beauty drink, with delicious and affluent water in Toyama Prefecture, Japan
  3. expand contracted manufacturing service in partnership with pharmaceutical, healthy food, cosmetics and beverage makers
  4. meet variety types of requirements, as the contracted manufacturer, with the latest production facilities; from small lot up to large lot, different types of product development and manufacturing
  5. enhance merchandise development from product planning stage, engaged by our R&D Department starting on the year 1996
  6. keep top sales share on “Chanmery” in Japan
  7. established Balance Co. Ltd. on the year 2000, to develop and sell water replenishment and dietary supplement drinks for elderly adult
  8. obtained the certification of ISO9001, global quality management standard, on the year 2002
  9. obtained the certification of FSSC22000, global food safety management standard, on the year 2013

Corporate Summary

NameTombow Beverage Co. Ltd.
EstablishmentMay 1896
IncorporationOctober 11, 1962
RepresentativeAkio Misuta, President and CEO
ContactFrom “Inquiries
Business content
  • Manufacture and sales of soft drink
  • Contracted Manufacture of soft drinks, health drinks and health food products
Location [Head Office / Factory]
1-6-34 Shimoakaemachi, Toyama-City, Toyama-Prefecture, 930-0813, Japan
[Tokyo Sales Office]
301, 3F AM Kyobashi Building, 2-5-2 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0031, Japan
Capital66 million yen
Associated Companies

Balance Co. Ltd.
Sales of jelly drinks, powder drinks and food to help hydration and nutrition

  • JAS-authorized carbonated drinks factory
  • JAS-authorized fruit drinks factory
  • Obtained FSSC22000 certification / ISO9001 certification

Corporate History

1896Tatsujiro Misuta, the first president, began production of Ramune, lemon soda at Sogawa, Toyama-City.
1921Moved the head office and factory to Sakuramachi, Toyama-City.
1962Moved the head office and factory to the present location.
1972Concluded the franchising agreement on manufacture and sales of Royal Crown Cola with Royal Crown Company. Inc..
(until 1986)
1981Started contracted manufacturing service.
1990Built the 2nd factory and new head office building.
1995Introduced the equipment for filling mini glass bottles, and started contracted manufacturing service of healthy and beauty drink.
1996Set up R&D department to enhance merchandise development from product planning stage.
1998Built the 3rd factory for the production of drinks and jellies in spout pouches.
2000Established Balance Co. Ltd. and started sales of nursing care drink and food to help hydration and nutrition.
2002Obtained ISO9001 certification.
2004Introduced the equipment for filling small aluminum bottles.
2005Expanded the production facilities to meet the increasing demands for spout pouch products.
2007Built the new preparation and mixing building.
2009Built the new warehouse.
2010Built the new 1st factory: renewed the glass bottles and mini aluminum bottles line and introduced the equipment for stick jelly.
2011Obtained ISO22000 certification.
2012Build the 2nd building for the new factory office, palletizing area and material warehouse.
2013Renewed the water treatment system to the reverse osmosis membrane facility.
2013Obtained FSSC22000 certification.
2015Established the Tokyo Sales Office.
2018Built the new factory for the production of drinks and jellies in spout pouches.
2018Obtained JIA-GMP certification.