Privacy Policy

We, Tombow Beverage Co. Ltd., shall protect the privacy of our customers’ personal information as per the Tombow Beverage Privacy Policy (or “Policy”) described below. The customers’ privacy and private information (or “Private Information”) we receive shall be strictly controlled with the greatest care, for our customers’ peace of mind when we provide our products and services.

Tombow Beverage Privacy Policy

1)How do we proceed when we collect Private Information?

When our customers (or “you”) provide us with Private Information to use our services, etc., you will see and confirm how we use Private Information. Private Information we collect from you shall be strictly controlled with the greatest care, in order to avoid illegal access, loss, corruption and leaks of the data, and so on.

2)How do we use Private Information?

Private Information we collect from you shall be used to provide better service.
The following are the cases when we use Private Information: delivery of products, requesting payment, customer services when you buy our products, services after delivering our products, replying to your questions, sending questionnaires by mail, sending information materials by fax or e-mail, our internal training to improve customer services, subcontract delivery work to logistics operators and carriers, and so on.

3)With whom do we share Private Information?

Except with your consent, we shall not disclose nor provide Private Information to any 3rd party, with the exceptions mentioned below.

  • Subcontracted companies and cooperating companies, etc., with whom we have signed a non-disclosure agreement
  • When legally necessary, and when instructed by civil services such as the police department.
    When requested by law and when it is confirmed to be necessary for us to disclose Private Information to protect your rights, property and safety, we may disclose Private Information. That includes cases when we share Private Information with a company to deal with and resolve matters of fraud.

4)How do we control Private Information?

In order to keep Private Information always updated and precise, we assign a Private Information controlling manger and shall control Private Information strictly with the greatest care to avoid illegal access, loss, corruption and leaks of the data, and so on. When we provide part of Private Information for a work subcontracted company, we shall select a subcontracted company who controls Private Information appropriately, sign a non-disclosure agreement with it and oversee how strictly Private Information is controlled.

5)How can you review Private Information and opt out?

We shall control Private Information precisely. When requested by you, we shall execute individual identification confirmation and meet your request for disclosing Private Information promptly. If the stored Private Information is not correct, we shall correct it swiftly. We shall also quickly meet your request to opt out. We shall immediately stop such services as sending information materials and direct mail upon your request.

6)Legal compliance

Private Information we collect from you shall be controlled and used according to laws and guidelines, etc. regarding the protection of personal information.

7)Internal company training and schemes to protect Private Information

We shall review our company’s regulations on the protection of Private Information, and educate our company’s employees about how to handle Private Information. We shall also conduct timely inspections of how Private Information is handled internally, and review and improve the schemes to protect Private Information.

8)How do we make notification when we change Policy?

We will make notification on our website, etc.

For inquiries on Privacy Policy, please contact us at:

Tombow Beverage Co. Ltd. Customer Service Office (open: 9:00 – 17:00 on weekdays)
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