Party drink for children

"Chanmery" is a party drink for children, to celebrate special days as Birthday, Christmas, New Year and its Eve and any other special days for children, their family and friends. Lovely "Pop!" sound when opening it will make everybody smile, and the children feel very much celebrated and happy when raising toasts.
We have 2 different tastes of “Chanmery”, Rose and Peach for overseas market, all.

*Doesn't include alcohol

About the name of "Chanmery"

The word "Chanmery" comes from "Champagne" and "Merry Christmas". In 1947, a beverage company in Tokyo thought about making soft drink for children like champagne for adults in Christmas parties. Since then, drinking Chanmery has become a habit at house parties besides Christmas in Japan. For the Japanese, Chanmery's POP sound when opening reminds them of their house parties in childhood with happy memories.

About "Twist and Pop" cap

"Tombow Beverage's Chanmery" cap is "Twist and Pop" cap. This cap does not pop away like champagne cork, but sounds as good as it. Children and women can open easily and safely.

How to Open Chanmery
  1. Get the wrapping off.
  2. Turn the cap counterclockwise.
  3. Cover the cap with your hand and be sure to grip it until you hear the popping sound.

    *When opening, do not point the bottle opening toward people, light bulbs, glass products, etc.

Product summary
Product name
  • Tombow Chanmery Rose
  • Rainbow Chanmery Peach flavor
ProductCarbonated drink
  • Tombow Chanmery Rose
    • High fructose corn syrup
    • Flavoring
    • Acidulants
    • Grape pigment
    • Antioxidant (Enzymatically Modified Rutin)
  • Rainbow Chanmery Peach flavor
    • High fructose corn syrup
    • Flavoring
    • Acidulants
ContainerGlass Bottle
Best when used within18 months
Product specifications
Single product sizeDiameter : 66mm / Height : 255mm
Single product weight770g
Packaging24 bottles Cardboard
Case sizeLength : 438mm / Width : 297mm / Height : 288mm
Case weight19.3kg
Jan Code
  • Tombow Chanmery Rose
    • 4904871000465
  • Rainbow Chanmery Peach flavor
    • 4521364000780
ITF Code
  • Tombow Chanmery Rose
    • 114904871000462
  • Rainbow Chanmery Peach flavor
    • 10244521364000786
Storage method
  • Keep away from direct sunlight, high temperatures, humidity, and temperatures below freezing.
  • Chill well before opening, and avoid shaking.
Product Image

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chanmerybottle rainbowchanmery chanmery_rose_bottle chanmeryrose

Product Leaflet

Product data and characteristics are shown in the sheet

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